Spaces that adapt to your needs

An inspiring environment

The Hotel Sant Bernat is located at 850m altitude in the heart of the Montseny Natural Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Strongly integrated into the environment, the hotel surroundings encourage  disconnecting from daily routine and ensures that you enjoy memorable and effective events.

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An inspiring environment

Strongly influenced by its surroundings at 850m of altitude, the Hotel Sant Bernat is located in the heart of the Montseny Natural Park | Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

It is the perfect enclave to hold memorable and effective corporate events for any section of the team.

Natural exclusivity

This is a unique and special moment. We will accompany its planning and details to make sure it is so.

From the most intimate ceremony in the unique Chapel – Catalogued as Archaeological Patrimony by the Generalitat – in our garden, to the photographic album with dreamy views over the Montseny, not forgetting the accommodation for the newly weds and the closest members, a delicious gastronomy served in our halls and ending, of course, with music, dancing and lots of love in the air.

Personalised weddings for couples with personality.

We can help you with:

Our features boost a successful implementation:

  • Strategic location apx 70 km from Barcelona and apx 30 km from Vic, in the heart of the Natural Park.
  • Diaphanous, divisible and multipurpose spaces according to your needs.
  • Accommodation in our 32 rooms, for a more efficient work atmosphere.
  • Large gardens in the middle of the Montseny.
  • An excellent gastronomy in our restaurant La Borda de l’Avi.
  • Tailor-made complementary activities with special emphasis on nature and sustainability.

Our features make your job as the organiser, easier:

  • Strategic location apx 70 km from Barcelona and apx 30 km from Vic, among others.
  • Diaphanous and multipurpose spaces.
  • Possibility of accommodation for small groups, for a more effective work ambiance.
  • Large gardens with the pure air of Montseny as the protagonist.
  • An excellent gastronomy in the premises of our La Borda de l’Avi restaurant.
  • Tailor-made complementary activities with special emphasis on nature and sustainability.

The Saint Bernat Chapel

Lovingly built following the Romanesque canons, the Chapel of Sant Bernat de Menthon, brings a traditional and warm touch to your unique moment.

Located in the hotel’s own gardens and two steps away from the main building, it offers a bucolic but at the same time decidedly compact atmosphere. In Sant Bernat we set vital importance to the functionality of the space so that all guests feel immediately welcomed.

The peculiar relevance of this Chapel is clear by being included in the Inventory of Archaeological Patrimony of Catalunya.

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Spaces and capacities

We feature a variety of locations both indoors and outdoors, all within our premises, so that you can choose whichever suits your needs best.

Our capacity is flexible and includes a variety of set ups reaching up to 200 people in our banqueting room and 100 people in our garden. 

Moreover, our restaurant La Borda de l’Avi Restaurant with its traditional atmosphere and local specialities, is the perfect match for boutique working lunches or dinners.  

Spaces and capacities

We have a variety of locations within our premises for your event. Our capacity is flexible and comprises a range of indoor and outdoor set ups.

Interior spaces include the beautiful La Borda de l’Avi Restaurant while on the outside, our gardens are a multipurpose open-air space where we can host cocktails, coffee breaks, after party drinks, award ceremonies, among many other examples.

Gastronomy tailor-made for you

In the Sant Bernat Hotel we can offer you different spaces to accommodate the development of your wedding: from the aperitif to the barra libre through a delicious menu, flexible and adapted to the number of diners and all tastes.

We cater from boutique ceremonies as well as larger celebrations, in the restaurant premises or, weather permitting, in the beautiful garden area.

Our Chef will be in charge of preparing a delicious menu proposal and its corresponding tasting to make sure you make all guests enjoy the menu to the maximum.

Eco Team Buildings

Let’s take off with renovated energy!

In Sant Bernat we organize Team Building activities which will help you bring your team together while improving your internal communication.

We will work on it side by side, with activities focused on your goals. Always respecting our natural environment and encouraging sustainability.

Team Building

Needless to say that, this has been an unexpectedly difficult year and we need to focus on readjusting to start 2021 with renewed energy.

At Sant Bernat we organize Team Buildings which last in memory, as per the length of your choice and your availability: a few hours, a day or a short stay. From start to finish, built based on your needs, with activities aimed at your goal.

With nature as the backdrop and personalized for your brand, success is assured.

The Party

There is no wedding without party and there is no party without music!

We have everything you need to make you shine in a magical party.

It is time to relax, share emotions, throw the bouquet, laugh a lot, take photos to remember, and above all dance and dance until the force is with you!

La Borda de l'Avi

In our restaurant you will be able to enjoy a working lunch or dinner in a casual and warm atmosphere while tasting the specialities in local produce and open grill.

It is the ideal setting from the aperitif to the coffee, for a board lunch, sales invitations or internal planning.

With direct entrance! 

Work lunches

That brainstorming session, the annual partner’s meeting, those plannings that you had pending, finally found its place and moment.

Book your business lunch in a relaxed discreet atmosphere tasting the local specialties.

Our Restaurant La Borda de l’Avi offers you that traditional frame that you were looking for from aperitif to coffee.

Come visit us

As a first step, you may contact us by email or phone to check your date’s availability.

The following step will be to make an appointment to come and see the facilities, the environment and its possibilities.

And we will begin to build together that special celebration full of character.

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